Focused on offering a solution at the size of each customer, we design a methodology for an initial survey with the premise to establish the services to be provided and the way to perform them. This comprises three steps:

  •  Analysis and Diagnosis of the process to be outsourced
  •  Counseling on the methodology to be implemented
  •  Commencement of the outsourcing of the critical process

Customer Care Service

  •  Customer Assistance
  • B.P.O Servicing
  • Back Office

Collection Management Service

  •  Preemptive Default
  •  Early/ Effective Default
  •  Late/ Out-of-court Default
  •  Abandoned/ Distress Default
Service of

Customer Assistance

Our operational platforms, CRM, Servers, Dialers, Recorders and Applications are capable of being customized for the development of any action required by our customers.

The customer service operations are usually focused on the attention of incoming calls for simple consultations, such as: available balances, expiration/closing dates, availability agreements, charges/interest or commissions details, information about debit operations, addresses of nearest branches / ATMs, etc.

Our call processes allow us to provide the whole range of the following services:

  •  Welcome (Welcome Call) to new customers of the entity
  •  Management of Rewards Programs and Mileage
  •  Functioning of Promotions, Discounts for credit card purchases
  •  Applications for Admission of Travel Assistance Insurance
  •  Request for Credit Card Extras
  •  Report of loss of checks and problems with ATM cards
  •  Cancellation of products
  •  Flow of claims through reception, classification and sending to the respective internal area of the entity
Service of

Back Office & B.P.O. Servicing

Our processes diagram is based on an integrated relationship with the customer, which, together with a customized technical structure, with permanent training and supervision, generates a constant optimization of the management results.

The service of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or Back Office service offers different options, which are planned and executed in our platforms, according to the operative needs of each customer:

  •  Activation of mass campaigns of emails / SMS / IV
  •  Process flow of interactive IVR and direct marketing
  •  Implementation of a service of phone survey on the satisfaction of customers/ processes
  •  Campaigns for customer retention and product upgrading
  •  Contact Center Multiproduct Service (7 x 24 = 365)
  •  Uploading of applications / files / claims on the systems of  each entity
  •  Preparation of files for their sending to the credit area of the bank
  •  Circuit of rejection of applications / incomplete, illegible or fraudulent documentation
  •  Reception via fax / email / scanner of applications for pledges





Contact Center

  •  MITEL 3300 LX exchange with IP Nativa technology that enables to have voice, data and video communication and 200 workstations available on a double shift. This means a total of 400 operators specialized in tele-collection management, from Monday to Friday.
  •  Predictive dialer telephone, predictive and totally integrated to CRM with the possibility to automatically make 200,000 calls a day, apart from top-quality voice quality.
  •  Real time management information with interactive information systems with specific queries to our data base 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  •  Possibility to manage all contact means: Telephone, email, chat, fax, SMS.
  •  Recording of all managed calls. This allows us to generate MP3 files, easy to activate for listening. This modality provides full transparency to the management recording all conversations held by our operators with the debtors.
  •  Permanent training by using recordings by our training and assistance quality department. IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) that allows us to provide better assistance and telephone self-management.
  •  8 digital frames (DDE) of 240 channels and 800 extensions.
  •  1 FOX to expand up to 256 frames connected to the supplier with fiber optic.
  •  8  Internet dedicated access of 10 MB for telephony (VoIP), 3 MB Internet dedicated access for point-to-point links and applications with our clients

Management Control

The company has the possibility to generate automated reports for our clients with frequency and content to be defined according to the planned strategy for management. Control may include:

  •  Deviation of portfolio recovery.
  •  Monthly activity inventory per client
  •  Description of management status
  •  Tracking of unfulfilled proposals
  •  Online monitoring of allocated accounts



Innovation and constant upgrade



COPC (Customer Operation Performance Center)

We started in the certification process on its model COPC Operations Management – GDM environment services:

  •  Customer / Process Rewards for incoming calls
  • Procedures incoming and outbound telemarketing
  • Inbound and outbound efforts Mora Collection of Preventive, Early and Late (extrajudicial)

The COPC is a management methodology that ensures improved results both as SATISFACTION REVENUE AND COSTS. This rule establishing best practices in relation to customers, has a global reach.

The COPC model -GDM is a global, integrated system that seeks to guide the implementation of best practices validated and internationally recognized management.

Framed by our vision of business as multilatina NOW for Argentina Operations & amp; Paraguay, achieve certification and keep in time is to provide our customers with leadership and quality assurance in the industry Contact cntros internationally.





Our entire organization does in focus to maximize the quality of care, customizing the solutions we provide to our customers; and this has been the main factor permitío we create business relationships with history of more than 30 years.

Dynamism and efficiency

in decision making process

Our Company

About Us

Martínez de Alzaga is a company founded over 30 years ago by its current owner, Gerardo Miranda. We specialize in Collection Management and Debt Recovery for Banks, Financial and Business Services.

Today, we are proud of:

  •  Our vast experience and track record in creating custom collection strategies
  •  Technology and highly specialized human resources
  •  Ability to develop and implement effective processes

Organization and Functions

Our organization is divided into 5 managements, made up by a work team specialized in debt recovery for our clients:






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